[CQ-Contest] Open Championship of Volga Federal District

Slava UA4HTT ua4htt at mail.ru
Fri Jun 3 22:58:41 EDT 2016

WELCOME to take part station from around the world !! 

The Championship of Volga Federal District on a radio communication on 40, 20, 15, 10M CW (IARU Region 1 HF Field Day Contest 4 of June 2016 15:00-20:59UTC)
Internal participants will use series of call signs of R41SA/p-R41SZ/p (1 round - 15:00-17:59 UTC) and R42SA/p-R42SZ/p (the 2nd round - 18:00-20:59)
For the correspondence participants as an award there will be plaquettes separately across Volga federal district and all others.
The big request to support resident students by the call !!
Championship of Volga federal district along with IARU Region 1 HF Field Day passing in the same time and the Open Internal Volga federal district Championship. To offset there are communications which are carried out in the first 6 hours of competitions. 
1. Date and time. Competitions are held on Saturday, June 4, 2016, from 15:00 till 20:59 UTC. 
2. Correspondents. Radio communications, both with internal, and with the correspondence athletes of any countries and territories of the world are set off. 
3. Types of work: CW. 
4. Ranges: 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz. 
5. Transitions. Change of range – without restrictions. At once time the only signal has to be radiated. 
6. Control number. All athletes report RST and serial number of communication, since 001. 
7. Repeated radio communications. Radio communications with station with the same call sign are set off on various ranges. 
8. For communication with the country according to the list of the diploma of DXCC – 1 point. 
For communication with other country of the continent – 2 points. 
For communication with other continent – 3 points. 
For communication with the internal participant of the Open Internal Volga federal district Championship – 5 points
9. A multiplier - the sum of prefixes under the terms of the diploma of WPX and various signal internal participants of Volga federal district once it isn't dependent on range (through). 
10. The result is defined as work of a sum of points for communications on the sum of multipliers. 
11. Groups of competing: "There are a lot of operators", "One operator", separately among the radio stations located in Volga federal district and among other participants. Following the results of competitions Winners of Championship of Volga federal district in the groups are defined. 
12. An indispensable condition for the correspondence participants is dispatch (loading) of the report within 2 hours from the moment of completion of competition. The final term of reception of reports "in offset" 23.00 UTC on June 4, 2016. The reports which have arrived after the specified term will be automatically transferred to CHECKlog. For sending (loading) the report it is necessary to use the  http://ua9qcq.com  service, or to send the report on the e-mail address ru4su at mail.ru. Reports for the Russian participants have to be in the Yermak format, for the others - in the Cabrillo format.

73! CU in the Contest 
de Slava UA4HTT (RM4i, UA4S)

Вячеслав Кусов UA4HTT

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