[CQ-Contest] Field Day Rules

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 6 13:04:53 EDT 2016

If there was a 10 min band change rule for all categories before, why was it
eliminated?  For Field Day, it would seem to make sense.


That rule by itself, would not eliminate 2 transmitters using one band-mode,
interlocked in classic multi-single style.  To eliminate that, there would
need to be additional language if the intent is to prevent that.


Again, I personally don't care what the final rules are, but I see people
posting SO2R results and others showing set ups that look like typical
multi-single operations and none of that should be occurring if the intent
is otherwise.


I remember years ago there being a 10 min type rule and then wondered where
it went.




Ed  N1UR

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