[CQ-Contest] sending DX QSLs from US other than via ARRL service

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Fri Jun 10 13:11:32 EDT 2016

 Hi Fritz,

A few brief comments if I may... 

I too lament the loss of the printed contest results from QST.  While I understand the reasons why at the time, I thought then and think now that it was a mistake.  That we can now download the results from the ARRL website (which is a very nice thing!) is not the point.

So without delving too deep into the mechanics of it, I believe the bottom line to returning the results to QST would be to get some commercial sponsors -- ie, advertisers -- to be willing cover the additional costs of the extra pages in the printed magazine.  Without knowing what the costs are, or what kind of commitment the sponsor(s) of such an addition would have to make (both in terms of time and money), it's difficult to discuss the specifics... and I know enough to know I don't know enough about the publishing business today.

As I said, though, at least the results are available.  I would be happier if the online/electronic version of QST would include the results, though, even if it is as a "digital" extra.  
When it comes to the contests itself, well, don't worry about your ultimate standing.  As the owner of a modest station, I simply try to do better than I did the year before; if I can do that, I'm happy.  I can dream about the tower, the beam, the linear... maybe one day, but not today, so I simply do the best I can with what I have.  

Consider inviting a friend or two over to share the operating.  Helps keep the station in the contest longer, and all in all it can be a fun time.  Just a thought.

Finally, like many on this reflector and others, I've been an ARRL member for a long time.  Longer than I want to think about, that's for certain.  That does not mean I agree with or condone every decision out of HQ... it does mean that I have a right to kvetch at my Division Director (since they are members of the ARRL Board of Directors, who are SUPPOSED to be the people setting policies and running the show).  If more people complained to their Directors about poor decisions... 

And yes, I'm aware that over the years, various Directors have gotten their jobs for the wrong reasons -- to inflate egos, or to win a popularity contest, things like that -- not to be a responsible Director.  I don't condone those turkeys either (no disrespect to the fowl birds).  But the solution to THAT is pretty lengthy, and would be going WAY off topic, so this is not the proper forum for it.  

But you can't fix the problems, or get them fixed, from outside the system.  I do what little I can.  If enough of us did... well, maybe we would get those contest results back in QST...

73, ron w3wn

On 06/10/16, FritzOAQ wrote:

Well Jim,

Way back when QST printed contest results, I wud ck them out dreaming one
day I wud show up as the winner.

As consolation, I cud find my call near the bottom of the pack. Then, hard
times hit the QST division & they had to cut costs by eliminating a few
pages a couple times a year.

So, since contest results were the only thing I read in QST, I thot I cud
cut costs as well by not renewing my ARRL membership.

Things went well for a while, QST & I did not miss each other. Now, I'm
feeling guilty for not responding to the numerous DX QSLs I receive. Plus, I
recently discovered I must be a member of ARRL to get a sticker for my DXCC.
So, it appears big corporate America takes another round from the little guy
. ARRL, the checks in the mail. J



PS Can we revisit contest results in printed QST?



Jim Brown
=%3C2a8550db-aa86-c71b-0274-235865a4dd38%40audiosystemsgroup.com%3E> k9yc at
Fri Jun 10 02:22:27 EDT 2016


Why aren't you a member? Lots of good reasons to be a member, can't 

think of any reasons not to.


73, Jim K9YC



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Is there any way to send numerous DX QSLs to numerous other countries other
than via ARRLs outgoing DX QSL service?

I'm not an ARRL member is the reason I'm asking.

73, Fritz K4OAQ

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