[CQ-Contest] sending DX QSLs from US other than via ARRL service

Peter Chamalian w1rm at comcast.net
Sat Jun 11 07:55:45 EDT 2016

If you are happy to use the QSL bureau system then Global QSL is definitely
worth looking into.  I've used them for years and am very pleased with the

They will print your QSL (you can design it or they can).  You upload your
log to them and they print and distribute your QSLs to the various bureaus.
Note this won't work in the US but will for all other countries that have a
bureau.  Note if it's a DXpedition you need to provide the QSL via info.

When I get cards from the bureau, I fill in the info in my logging software
which will generate and ADI file for all the QSLs I want to acknowledge.  I
then upload that ADI file to Global and off the cards go.  How do I know it
works and the cards go out?  I've had a few returned via the bureau marked
SK so I know they are going out.


Pete, W1RM

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Is there any way to send numerous DX QSLs to numerous other countries other
than via ARRLs outgoing DX QSL service?

I'm not an ARRL member is the reason I'm asking.

73, Fritz K4OAQ

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