[CQ-Contest] Printed scores and spatial concepts

Andrew Warycka andrew.warycka at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 12:15:28 EDT 2016

My address book is kept in Google contacts, which is easily accessed from
my smart phone, which is always in my pocket. Not only that, were I to
forget or lose my smart phone, I can still access it from any computer or
internet connected device, anywhere on the planet.

Now, how well does that work when you leave your paper address book at
home? Or if it accidentally gets left in your pants when you put them
through the wash?

And, of course, when someone moves or changes a phone number, I don't have
to scribble out the old info or reach for the white-out. I just edit it.

Not saying printed and written material don't have their benefits (I'm
rather a fan of hand written notes and personal journals), but there's
enjoying using a pen and paper, and there's being a luddite.

PS - Who turns off a computer anymore? My desktop is on 24/7, and my
laptops wake up from hibernation in about 6 seconds or so thanks to SSDs.

*tongue mostly in cheek*

73, Andy NY7N

> P.S.  My address book is in my pocket, closed and your computer is turned
> off.   Ask for a friend's address.  My response time is 6 seconds.  Is your
> computer even booted yet?

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