[CQ-Contest] Any more good Kindle contest books?

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Sun Jun 19 10:01:58 EDT 2016

I concur with Jim's comments.  I now do almost all of my  leisure reading 
on a basic, monochrome Nook right now.  This is how I  read N3BB's latest 
book which was excellent.  The pictures are kind of hard  to make out, however, 
especially in black and white.  It would probably be  a little better with 
the color version with a larger screen but I chose not to  go that way.  I 
can't think of many books where not seeing the pictures was  a big issue for 
me except, perhaps, the recent Wright Brothers book.
Al, K0AD
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I have  read hundreds of books on my Kindle, all of them history, 
science, etc. That is, primarily words. Kindles are pretty much unusable  
photos and drawings. Occasionally, a book I'm reading will have a map  or a 
chart and I need a magnifying glass to make any sense out of  them.

I did read one technical book on my Kindle: "The Radio Amateur's  Hand 
by A. Frederick Collins, published in 1922. Available for free  from 
Gutenberg. It was fun to read! I was able to brush up on my  rusty 
about spark gaps and crystal detectors and the Branly  Coherer. 
Interestingly, the diagrams in this book are quite readable on  Kindle, 
because most of them consist of a dozen or fewer  elements.

I know something about converting a book to Kindle. The text  is pretty 
straightforward if you are skilled at working with a pure text  file. But 
photos can be a nightmare of trying to crop, reformat, and size.  IMO this 
requires someone with magical Photoshop skills. I have never seen  an ARRL 
book on my Kindle so I can't comment on how they look.

Jim  Cain, K1TN

> -----
> "Something to think  about. I've heard that Kindle isn't a great way to 
> read/study  technical books, because it's not easy to jump around to look 
> at  something in the book referenced by pages you're currently reading. I 
>  use a Kindle only rarely to read a novel that my XYL has bought, so this 
> does NOT reflect my experience. Others may feel otherwise. :)
>  73, Jim K9YC"  

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