[CQ-Contest] IARU HF Championship 2016 - Mltiplierlist of HQ stations

OZ0J Joe contest at oz0j.dk
Tue Jun 28 15:21:38 EDT 2016

Dear all



I have been started to find HQ stations participate in 2016. I can't find
much information of activities (changes) since last year, so the list
mentioned below is mostly 2015 calls.


I cannot download the file from VE2FK (for N1MM). It should be placed at
.txt but I get no file. Can someone send the file to contest at oz0j.dk? 


So far I have made a PDF file and it can be found at


The BOLD are valid information of 2016 that some of you have informed me
about or I have found elsewhere.


I could use ANY kind of known call signs (HQ stations) in the 2016 IARU
Championship contest. Please send an e-mail to contest at oz0j.dk as soon as


Especially I need information of the lines with YELLOW background.


N6TV, Bob will create multiplier file for Win-Test, N1MM and Writelog as
always. The files will be placed at  <http://www.kkn.net/~n6tv/itu.zip>


I will create a TXT file and send it to N6TV in the beginning of next week.



73 Joe, OZ0J


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