[CQ-Contest] AEA Morse Machine MM-3

David BearSFO at PacBell.NET
Mon May 2 02:12:59 EDT 2016

Hi everyone,

I am very fortunate to be able to procure an AEA MM-3.  I downloaded 
the manual and after reading through it, have the following questions:-

1 - how do I update the firmware?  From what I understand, the latest 
version, from 1990, is 12, and when I do *C700 I get a '6'

2 - what is the difference between version 6 and version 12?  is it 
significant enough that I should upgrade, or it would mostly work 
with version 6?

3 - how can I tell how much memory I have, and how do I go about 
upgrading it, and from what I can see, some people had upgraded theirs to 128K

I would appreciate if anyone can point me at the right direction 
regarding these questions.

Thanks & 73

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