[CQ-Contest] Ron Wetjen WD4AHZ - SK

Chris Plumblee chris.plumblee at gmail.com
Mon May 9 20:23:26 EDT 2016

Fellow Contesters -

I'm very sad to report that longtime FCG officer and charter FCG member Ron
Wetjen WD4AHZ passed away this morning.

Ron was at the inaugural FCG meeting at the White House in ~1994, and had
been a continuous member since then. Ron had been VP-FQP since before I
joined FCG ten years ago, and also maintained the websites and reflectors
for FCG and FQP for a number of years.

Unfortunately, Ron's health was beginning to fail him in recent months, and
he resigned his VP-FQP position following the 2016 FQP.

Ron had carved out quite a niche, operating primarily LP CW from his modest
station (a tribander at ~50' and wires for 40m/80m) in a number of
contests, though he enjoyed the most success in the ARRL 10m Contest and
the FQP. Thanks to the generosity of sponsor K1PT, the in-state LP CW
Plaque for the FQP will be awarded in memory of WD4AHZ, beginning with the
awards for the recently-completed 2016 FQP.

In addition to his longtime service with the Florida Contest Group, Ron was
very active as a volunteer with the Sarasota County Emergency Management
team, including serving as FD chairman a number of times, most recently in
2015, and frequently volunteering to serve at the EOC for emergencies and

vy 73,
Chris WF3C

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