[CQ-Contest] Convergence and Change

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Mon May 16 01:38:31 EDT 2016

It is amazing to me that the Power categories get a "pass" in this decade
long debate of converging categories because it is difficult to prove if
someone is cheating. The assisted issue is actually EASY compared to proving
power.  Someone somewhere at CQ must have committed long ago that they would
be able to "prove" that someone was cheating using assistance and many hours
and $$ have been spent to do that.  Now the hours and $$ are running out and
the result is "lets just combine them - its more fun anyway".


The choice is clear.  Accept that for power and assistance that its not
possible to COMPLETELY eliminate the possibility of cheating.  Do a
reasonable effort to scrutinize and accept the result.  If that is not
acceptable and changes are to be made to insure non-cheating, then you had
better clense them all, not piecemeal, otherwise it's quite hypocritical.  I
personally am very comfortable with best efforts to enforce and leave it
there.  Other than from the CQWW contest, I don't see any cry for change.
Sure some other contests decided to merge them.  It has become the flavor of
those contests.  Not my liking but fine for them.


I for one feel that the outcome is inevitable given the people driving it
and the drive they seem to have to kill it.  I have already decided for my
personal enjoyment, that I shall not be forced to do something I find less
enjoyable by others.  I will operate unassisted even if there is no category
(I have before) and will let me score stand on the results.


I would urge others to do the same and set up a "competition among like
minded individuals".  I have realized that the weekend of the competition
with certain base rules is actually just the start of the competitive
opportunities.  Its like a running race with a course and a start time and
organization.  There's no issue in having sub categories compete and win
awards as part of the event.  I would rather have this debate end and work
with others on creating new competitions run in the weekend.  Anyone else


Unassisted and enjoying it.


Ed  N1UR  

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