[CQ-Contest] CW op Wanted for Field Day

RGrubic at aol.com RGrubic at aol.com
Wed May 18 18:03:45 EDT 2016

CW  colleague wanted! 
A  great opportunity for a CW op in Southern California who is not already 
attached  to another club or group—or who would like a change. 
I’m  looking for a CW operator to team up with me for Field Day. It’s June 
24 – 26 this  year. 
Each  year our club, the Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach, has one 
of the  biggest Field Day events in Southern California. We usually operate 
5A or 6A (6  simultaneous transmitters) with the call sign of W6RO 
(temporarily suspended  from use on the Queen Mary). We operate from Recreation Park 
in Long Beach the  whole 24 hours. A lot of people stop by. This year a local 
high school radio  club will man one of the stations. Many of us camp out 
overnight Friday and  Saturday—though you don’t have to. Lots of food is 
available and a lot of  socializing too. Some of us, of course, see it as a 
contest. (It IS a contest,  right?) 
The  thing is, I’ve been the only CW operator for several years and would 
like some  help operating, also setting up  on Friday, and tearing down on 
Sunday. The work is not heavy but I’d like to  have some company—and run up a 
big score! In the past, I’ve made a 40 meter  Moxon (2 element wire beam) 
antenna and a 20 meter Moxon antenna and hoisted  them up high between 2 
eucalyptus trees (pointed northeast). Works great and the  physical antenna 
separation and the front-to-back ratio keeps the same-band  phone station out of 
my ears (and mine out of theirs). (We have a lot of land to  work with at 
Rec Park.) Out club setup is quite a sight! 
If  you’re interested and/or would like more information, give me a call, 
or email  me. 
CW  speed not an issue. If you’re interested, let’s talk. 
Bob  Grubic NC6Q
562 889-3070 cell 

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