[CQ-Contest] Convergence and Change

Scott Ellington k9ma at sdellington.us
Sat May 21 22:25:56 EDT 2016

Although I've virtually never operated assisted, I can see one major 
attraction:  In some parts of the world, those of us with modest 
stations can end up with excruciatingly boring low rates, especially 
late in a contest.  (This has nothing to do with pros/cons of combining 
categories.)  With assistance, one can potentially make more S&P QSO's, 
which does make things more interesting.  My own strategy is to just 
limit my operating time:  When things get boring, I just do something 
else.  But then, my goal is to ENJOY operating a contest, not 
necessarily to win anything.  What make it enjoyable is actually making 
QSO's, not endlessly tuning around listening to the dupes.  On the other 
hand, I know that in every contest in which I've made a major effort, a 
very large number of operators I didn't work sent in their logs, so a 
little help finding them probably would have made things more interesting.


Scott K9MA

Scott Ellington  K9MA
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

k9ma at sdellington.us

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