[CQ-Contest] All the Assisted ops, where do they all come from

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Using the same logic, if I am running low power or QRP and I work a high
power station I should be moved into the HP category because I may not
have been able to hear him if he was running less power.

John KK9A

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Subject:	[CQ-Contest] All the Assisted ops, where do they all come from?

The common definition of Assistance refers to single operators  who use
cluster spots, run their own skimmers or get some kind of outside  help to
stations.  On CW and RTTY the spots are now gathered by  skimmer robots
which efficiently skim up almost everything.  On phone they  are generated
manually by humans so there are fewer spots, but all the big  running
and other significant stations get spotted.

This Assistance is just one side of the coin, however.  The other side  is
the running stations who get spotted.  They count on being spotted to
generate those huge runs and scores and if they claim to be Unassisted they
not being honest.  These operators are also Assisted.

The only truly Unassisted stations are those single operators doing only
traditional S&P.  These are often small operations and certainly  do not
include the big, famous winning stations that dominate the  competitions.

Given these definitions, the majority of single operator stations are
Assisted which is why the two categories are converging, like it or not,  and
why Unassisted should be eliminated

Ken, AB1J

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