[CQ-Contest] [NCCC] why checklog?

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Mon May 23 18:41:18 EDT 2016

I remember a contest several years ago when I had a TS930.  No connection to the computer.  I was doing good, for me at least.  But when I moved from 20m to 15m and later to 10m I forgot to change the logging program bands.  I had no idea when I left 20m or 15m.


Sent that in as a check log with a note to let the sponsor know to not ding others for my band log errors.


For the next contest I had a new FT-1000MP connected to the computer!!


OK, back in my hole,


Ron, KU7Y

Arizona Outlaws Contest Club

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Silver Springs, NV

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I am writing up the RTTY Roundup article, and in looking at the results data there is a fairly high number of checklogs.


I know some of the more typical reasons why one would submit as checklog - you operated outside the rules (like choosing to run high power in an NAQP), or maybe you just don't give a darn about a score - but I'm wondering about the other reasons that maybe aren't so typical.


Any insights appreciated. 73 jeff wk6i



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