[CQ-Contest] SO+SOA survey monkey

kr2q at optimum.net kr2q at optimum.net
Tue May 24 09:31:35 EDT 2016

Survey's are fun, but unless carefully designed, are of questionable value.

I would like to know how any contest entrant can definitively have any knowledge about the
state of (so-called) unclaimed assistance detection by any of the contest sponsors, unless
they are participating in the actual log checking.

I think including a free text answer to the this question (on the survey) should be mandatory:
"On what do you base your opinion?"

This is sort of like asking, "How do you know that what you read about a news event is accurate?"

Unless you are directly covering the news event yourself, you don't.

Anyone can have a "valid" opinion about whether or not SO and SOA should be combined.
But asking for their input on how well "cheating" is detected?  Totally different.

de Doug KR2Q
Keeper of the flame

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