[CQ-Contest] why checklog?

charlie at thegallos.com charlie at thegallos.com
Tue May 24 09:53:39 EDT 2016

Another reason to check log

A few years back, I forget what contest, I was working SOLP SSB, when a
friend called, and some semi-rare DX had been spotted.  He didn't give me
a freq, so now I had a choice.  Contest, or chase DXCC.  DXing won. 
Logged into the cluster, powered up the alpha, spent some time breaking
the pileup (guy was in the contest, gave him a number)

So, now here I am, with spots on my screen, part of the test as SOLP
Unassisted, and a bunch of spots and at least one HP contact that was

I turned in my log as a checklog (don't think it was any of the big
contests, don't remember)

IMHO, I did the right thing.  Would anyone have noticed one contact at HP
from a station that isn't even of the popgun class?  Yeah, right.  But _I_
would have known

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