[CQ-Contest] Last Chance to Vote in Survey on Convergence/Chang and the Assisted Category

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Tue May 24 13:12:58 EDT 2016

John K3TN, thanks for posting the survey, I had not known about it before this. However I have a few comments. I'm not trying to throw stones here, but ... sorry, really nothing personal

Question 1: is not worded to be consistent with K5ZD's comment.  Was that deliberate bias in the wording to get the result desired, of combining categories (SO + SOA)? The idea was to eliminate the single-op category not the SO assisted category, or recombine them as was said. From the wording I would assume you are in favor of combining SO and SOA? I understood the question, but I would have used different wording myself

Question 2:  KR2Q is correct, the average and even the top contesters other than perhaps the log checkers can not even remotely answer that question.

My position is this, eliminate single op non-assisted and I will probably not operate that contest seriously or even if I do I am not likely to submit my log. Some of us have no interest in skimmer, spots, RBN and the like. Why is that so difficult for some to understand?  Many of us like and operate unassisted and we are not asking for the elimination of assisted. I have no problem with someone operating assisted. If that is what you like, go for it.

Really, my opinion is this "skimmer, RBN, spots, why would I do that? those are cute and all, but of no interest to me".  And yes I have looked at all three, but still no real interest.

Now the following comments deviate off topic a bit but I believe still relevant to the discussion.

I have something to consider: are the new rules and proposals (recordings, exact frequencies, combining SO and SOA) designed to enhance the contest in some way? I do not see combining SO and SOA as an enhancement. Just the opposite in fact

Or are some new rules designed to reduce competition? now hear me out on this one. i.e. audio recordings, no audio recording means you can be relegated to a non competitive entrant. Advantage goes to the person who routinely records. The rule says: "Any single operator entrant (see V.A.1) competing for a top three finish at the (a) World, (b) Continent, or (c) USA levels, must record the transmitted and received audio as heard by the operator for the duration of the contest operation".  and  "If no recording is made available, the Committee may reclassify or disqualify the entry." But the "committee" may also your competitor, am I right? Seems to me that there may be a conflict of interest here. And it looks like the punishment is either a DQ or a check log or "not eligible for an award". This rule appears to be designed to eliminate some competitors. Is that the intent? or an unfortunate byproduct?

Since there is a fairly large group that are not in favor of combining SO and SOA, why keep pushing it? It seems that the only result will be that the contest loses and along with it CQ magazine also loses. I feel like a disenfranchised voter

73 Scott W2LC 

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