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Whatever sort of skimmer you use, it fills the bandmap while an operator does not move a finger. 

A scenario: an operator turns his equipment and the local skimmer on, and then leaves for a coffee. When he is back in 10 minutes, the bandmap is full of stations and the operator can now start his favorite "point and click" operation.  And you call it unassisted?




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The difference between "own" and "world" skimmer and assistants:

1. Own skimmer is another piece of technology, it is piece of software/hardware in your own station, just like anything else - gadgets, tools, keyers, computers. Working under your own control, own QRM, finding and supplying call/freq only for you. Finds stuff that is readable at your station.

2. World skimmers are bunch of "hunters," assistants outside of your shack, plus postings by other operators. Everybody can see and use it.

The benefit from own skimmers is that hunting is spread out as each station finds the call/freq. Pileups are more bearable and spaced out. 
World skimmer postings show up at everybody's screen with speed of light and clicking wars begin, usually chasing rare one away - can't decode the pileup.

I am just trying to underline the difference in definition of assistance by another person  vs. using technology at your station.

73  Yuri
 On Thu, May 26, 2016 at 07:35 PM, robert wrote:
>     GM All
>             Yuri k3bu mentions "own skimmer "  in your own shack is OK 
> for
>                 NON assisted class.   Is this true ? Just wondering ? 
> Did I misunderstand
>                         something ?
>                 BoB WA1FCN
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