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W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Thu Nov 3 11:32:32 EDT 2016


I will assume you are being a smart ass with your post.  I have operated 
and submitted logs with CQ WW for many many years from my Colorado 
homes.  My first entry was in 1979.  I operated many times from K0RF.  
Just because people don't send in logs does not mean they didn't operate.

I guess the most frustrating part of this for many of us that don't live 
in the EU rich east coast is the inability for people to admit  or even 
acknowledge that maybe we have a point.  Maybe the contest is quite 
different from our QTH's.  Moving is not option.  It gets old trying to 
have a discussion on how to improve something when the EU rich corridor 
is so afraid of losing their built in advantage that no options are 
acceptable.  This is just wrong.

Lets see how participation was this year before making any comparisons.  
>From my perspective and wide open segments of the band, I would suggest 
that from the NA side this might be one of the worst participation years 
in a long time.

If enough people start voting with their power buttons, CQ WW might not 
be so fun for anyone.

What I continue to find interesting is that nobody wants to discuss the 
USA States vs the European Union comparison I made. We have a multiplier 
rich continent with many  more hams than ever, who really have no reason 
to work the USA other than to get 3 zones and no real reason to attempt 
to work anyone past the east coast areas.

Nearly every log summary from our club in the Rockies talked about how 
bad conditions were and many just turned off the radio. This is a bad 
thing.  If we had people to work like the folks in EU maybe more people 
would have stuck around.

I am glad that other people around the globe had a much better 
experience in this one.  Maybe it was a once in a lifetime event. But 
then again has anyone been reading about just how poor this cycle and 
the next ones might be?


On 11/3/2016 5:55 AM, Ed Sawyer wrote:
> W0MU, thanks for submitting what appears to be your first ever CQWW contest
> submission from your home QTH in CO.  Thanks for finally trying the contest
> as a W station to see what the contest is all about.
> Ed N1UR
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