[CQ-Contest] No apology needed!

Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Thu Nov 3 16:52:35 EDT 2016

If you (or anyone) was referring to my post about category shopping and
3830, true,  nobody is required to post to 3830 - I agree.  I use it,. I
love it.  I wish everyone would use it.  I enjoy the post-contest stories
almost as much as the contest itself.; but I digress.


You've misinterpreted my post however.  


What I said (or meant to say anyways) is that a select few top contenders
USE 3830 as a tool to view what others have done, THEN choose a category for
themselves based on others performances.

I also said these folks usually upload their logs to the contesting body
like ARRL, CQ, WAE etc at the very last moment. <<<all very "legal".immoral?
In my mind, yes.


If you are paying close attention (and there's no need for 98% of you to do
that) you'll see every once in a blue moon, one of these so called top dogs
gets a "too bad, late log, reclassed as checklog", which I can only presume
to mean they tried to snipe their log at the last possible moment by
watching others upload their logs and 3830 reports and missed the deadline
by mere seconds or milliseconds.


My point in all this is nobody should get to choose their category DAYS or
weeks after a contest is run.


Also, nobody should be able to choose LP when they were HP  all weekend, yet
got trounced in HP, so they choose LP 'cuz their score looks better there.


It happens. (a very little bit) . This might be what Helmut was referring



White elephant.



Mike VE9AA


"I think Helmut owes Art an apology."


No, I did not take it personally.  (I doubt that anybody cares if I hold

back my little log.)


I don't know what Helmut had in mind, but I see some discussion here about

category-hopping to enhance place-of-finish or WRTC standing.  If the

arguments are about something like that, then the arguers and I differ on

the importance and significance of contesting.


As I posted on Nov. 23, 1999:


"There may be few things more fun than ham radio, but for sure there are a

lot of things more important."


Getting ready for SS CW.  I'll be QRV about 2345Z Saturday evening.


73, Art K3KU



Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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