[CQ-Contest] Holding back your score?

DXer dxista at yahoo.ca
Thu Nov 3 21:35:34 EDT 2016

LOL...very good, Jim.

A modest proposal...why not eliminate the claimed score part of the 3830 
reflector, and keep only the 'stories'? On second thought, it would 
remove the 'raison d'etre' of the reflector.

Then why not withhold the claimed scores until submission to the contest 
robot is closed? Five days waiting would be too nerve wracking, I guess.

Ok, never mind, conspire on. :^))

73 de Vince, VA3VF

On 2016-11-03 5:17 PM, Jim Preston wrote:
> I agree. I don't post my scores, because they are so low nobody would be
> interested. :-)
> 73,
> Jim N6VH

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