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Yuri ve3dz at rigexpert.net
Fri Nov 4 19:45:50 EDT 2016

Hi Igor.

Yes, nice contest, except:
a) absolutely not suitable for North America (00 - 12 UTC, night time in Western hemisphere), unless you have HUGE antennas for Low Bands;
b) no way you may work casual participants because of high complexity of the exchange.

I tried to participate once few years ago... just a waste of time. Very boring event. Sorry.

73, Yuri VE3DZ

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There is RAEM contest in December
where you get points depending on distance plus some bonus points for stations above arctic circle.

73, Igor UA9CDC

> Interested to hear the pros / cons of a DX contest structured this way.
> Pardon me if there is already a contest (I'm not aware of) that is 
> already scored this way. I think the Stew Perry Top Band Challenge 
> rewards DX Q's by distance, but that's a one-band contest.
> Ed  N1UR

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