[CQ-Contest] Real Time Scoring and Quick Submissions

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mymts.net
Fri Nov 11 11:18:17 EST 2016

> If you go to a place that doesn’t have the
> net you aren’t likely to be using a competitive station and won’t have a
> shot at beating your chest in triumph anyway.

I call BS on this one. Sorry.

Heard Island is going to rock a contest, simply by virtue of its rarity.

A cottage station in VE4 can rock SS, simply by virtue of Manitoba’s relative rarity.

Just because you don’t have Internet doesn’t mean you don’t have access to concrete or can only put up wires.

At least one winner of ARRL DX last year was a Field-Day style station, set up on a cliff facing the U.S.

Some of these stories are some of the greatest stories we have. That so-and-so won with more than a thousand feet of tower, 200 total elements and more Alpha than Alpha Centauri isn’t a great story. A victory is almost expected at that point.

You can’t assume everyone operates with the same infrastructure you do, and you can’t assume those who don’t are automatically inferior.

Real-time scoring would be a great contest-within-a-contest. It would help attract new contesters and push the boundaries of contest reporting. But making it mandatory would drive away a large part of your existing customers. More so, I’d argue, than it would attract.

73, kelly, ve4xt, 

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