[CQ-Contest] Real Time Scoring and Quick Submissions

Matt Murphy matt at nq6n.com
Mon Nov 14 17:06:16 EST 2016

Great points.  To Ed's point, maybe there could be a line in the Cabrillo
header for a digital signature of the log which would allow LOTW to
immediately authenticate it and add the QSOs.

I think Ward's vision of everything moving to real time is very
interesting.  Seemingly most stations have internet access, and those who
don't could submit their log in the traditional way.

I think it makes sense to also consider the rules concerning fill files
when discussing log submission, since it would be easy enough to generate a
fill file for the entire super check partial database with relevant address
information, which is effectively the same thing as looking up MS vs MI
after the contest.

It seems that there is the legitimate concern that strategy could "leak"
via the real time log... if, say, a competitor was able to observe via a
leaderboard that a JA run was occurring on an unlikely band.  But this
could be solved by introducing a bit of delay to the published results
while still capturing all information that was logged in real time.

I think the most interesting thing about real time log submission would be
watching a dashboard to see who was running the fastest rate at any moment
during the contest, who had the fastest S&P rate in the region, who had the
most second radio QSOs, who moved the most mults, etc.  These types of real
time stats are interesting for all power levels and entry classes, and are
also interesting even at the level of low power, single band rivalries
within the call same district.

I'd also like to see broadband SDR recordings of the entire contest,
recorded from different places around the world, made available after the
fact. It would be fun to click on any QSO or a string of QSOs in a public
ledger of all QSOs and listen to it from various vantage-points around the
globe.  There is some amazing operator skill going on that we're often too
busy to appreciate in the heat of the moment.  Like the instant replay in
televised sports reveals the sub-second detail of a gravity-defying catch,
we have many similar moments during CQWW which we could all enjoy.

Of course, I also like the idea of being able to participate in a contest
with just my KX2, some wire, and a few sheets of paper, but I think there's
room for both in contesting. At the most competitive levels, the real time
technology offers a tremendous benefit, and doesn't necessarily make a more
casual or off-grid effort any less fun.

Matt NQ6N

On Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 12:09 PM, Ed Sawyer <sawyered at earthlink.net> wrote:

> I think that all of these great ideas can be trialed quite easily in the
> "contest within a contest" format.  Risks harm to no one. Those that want
> to
> try it do - those that don't or can't - don't.
> A lot of people are already doing this with the real time scoreboard.  I am
> not on it but its not harming me to have people do it.  Seems the same for
> this topic.
> Relative to the LOTW tie, I have had this conversation before asking why
> validated contest Qs are not all just automatically dumped into LOTW.  I
> mean why not right?  The answer, apparently, is that LOTW cares less about
> whether the contact actually occurred (as in timely cross checked logs) and
> more about whether the license holder is authenticated.  5 days after CQ WW
> you log is in and locked down.  But years later, you could upload a Q on
> LOTW and it would be fine with it.
> Ed  N1UR
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