[CQ-Contest] what a battle SB80 HP unassisted

w7dra at juno.com w7dra at juno.com
Tue Nov 15 16:29:50 EST 2016

back in the fray.

 thank goodness for CQWW it is what got me going after a concussion i
received.   in my recovery, i needed something to focus on in the

i now have both a receiver (sx71) and a vfo transmitter and also my
rockbound transmitter. s&p with the vfo, and run (as it were) with the
rockbound one. 

vfo, a 40 meter arc5 capped down to 80 link coupled to a 6AG7/6DQ6 dx20
driving the ubiquitous 3x810s at about 600 watts input (power measured by
lighting a 300w light bulb)

rockbound 6AU6/2x5763 driving the 810s

one switch to change exciters, using a separate key for each exciter

my half wave inverted L center fed with CAT5  is in tatters, now all i
need is an antenna

CQWW here i come

mike w7dra

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