[CQ-Contest] Weak CW? Try P3

Charles Harpole hs0zcw at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 19:58:49 EST 2016

At higher speeds my CW copying is not so good.  But I use a solution in
contests, using the K3, P3, and a monitor.

K3 is set up at 400 bandwidth, NR on or off, and the connected P3
band-scope outputs to a VGA monitor.  K3 Morse reader turned on, speed
under 40wpm.

Start at the bottom of the band.  Almost all pips on the screen will be
shown separated by the width of the vertical line on screen that represents
the frequency tuned and the bandwidth.  Tune to the first strong signal and
find the sweet spot where the on-board CW reader gives a good print-out
on-screen of the incoming signal call sign.  Using the K3 CW reader, your
ear, and Band Spots, confirm the station call sign.

In a couple of repetitions of the incoming signal, you will have the call
sign.  Push the K3 memory (M-2) to send your call sign ONCE.  With
5elements, I work him first call.  Hear his zone to confirm.  Push K3
memory (M-3) to send your 599+zone.  Hear "TU."

Log the contact.  Tune upward in frequency to the next strong pip, next
incoming signal, and do the same operation.  Likely a Band Map will not be
needed, or used to further confirm the incoming call sign.

My rate is about one per two minutes, often faster, AND I am working CW at
30wpm + !!    This method allows me to really enjoy a CW contest.  Oh, and
you could use keyboard CW on the P-3 if you wish.

PS, I enjoy hearing CW ops running at 30+wpm NOT be able to copy my call
sign coming back to him at HIS speed.  I grin.

Charly, HS0ZCW

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