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Mon Nov 28 20:13:54 EST 2016

Assisted is not that easy for a competitive station.  While  you are 
running on 14.030,  you must time your CQs and replies to guys  calling you to the 
guy who's CQing on 21025.  You have to time your calls  to the station on 
21025, make the Q and send the exchange very quickly so you  don't loose your 
run freq.  it can be a challenge, even for big  stations.  It's true for CW 
and SSB and just about all  contests.
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artboyars at gmail.com writes:

I've  complained here repeatedly (ad nauseam, you might say) about how
"assisted"  has changed single op.  This year in SS, both CW and SSB,  I
experienced it clearly.  Several times I would find a nice juicy  multiplier
early in his operation, and I'd jump into the pile with my  little signal.
If I got beaten more than twice, it was all over. The "spot"  would go out,
all the HP point-and-clickers would jump in, and the pileup  would become
unmanageable. (A couple of times the rare mult CQer did hang  in long enough
for me to come back 20 or 30 minutes later and make a  QSO.)

The same effect happens with "new" non-mult QSOs, but I guess I  don't
notice so much when I get packet-ed out of my umpteenth OH or SCV as  when I
miss the NL or SB or EWA that I found giving out number  4.

Now, maybe you find "assisted" more fun than classic single op.  That's OK,
and having that category reported in the Results is OK,  too.  But PLEASE
don't think that the two categories should be  merged.  I do not know what
special skills are needed for "assisted",  but they sure are nothing like
the skills I developed for single op,  especially Little Pistol.  (Having
the loudest signal in the pileup  may be a worthy achievement, but I would
not call it an operating  skill.)

73, Art  K3KU
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