[CQ-Contest] Reading Machine Decoded CW

W4AAW Mike Lonneke W4AAW at aol.com
Mon Nov 28 20:14:47 EST 2016

Here's an idea, offered in good faith:

If someone really cannot read CW at the 26 wpm speeds and up used by most CW contesters, he might give RTTY a try.  RTTY today is not you Elmer's RTTY.

Within the past few years several new, advanced RTTY decoding apps have become available.  They are all freeware and easily set up.  

I have in mind Gritty, 2-Tone and of course, MMTTY among others.  Tutorials for these are at Don (AA5AU) Hill's www.rttycontesting.com website.

Don is the RTTY Chairman at W4AAW and has set up our computers for triple diversity reception.  Our copying accuracy has increased markedly.

Still, others are either turned off by RTTY, burned out on it or still have a beautiful, nostalgic connection to CW even though they copy it poorly.

Just a suggestion to allow one to derive pleasure from our fabulous, multi-faceted hobby.

Cheers! Mike W4AAW

see www.remotecontesting. com

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