[CQ-Contest] Hallucinations

Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at voyackey.net
Wed Nov 30 23:39:34 EST 2016

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	Art Boyars <artboyars at gmail.com> wrote,
	on "Wed, 30 Nov 2016 21:34:08 -0500";

> "I was hearing CW coming from the refrigerator motor on Sunday night."
> That's no hallucination, nor is it from sleep deprivation.  I get that
> after every CW contest where I operate more than a few hours.  It's just a
> continuation of the wishful thinking that makes you oh-so-sure that there
> is a caller in that QRN.

For my case, this happened 30 years ago when there was no noise cancelling
headphones.  I tended to make it loud to listen to weak signals in multi-ops
environment.  I've never experienced this since I used noise cancelling
headphones, with which I can listen to the audio at minimun volume.
Katsuhiro 'Don' Kondou, JH5GHM

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