[CQ-Contest] Congrats to URE for Cervantes operation and software

Dennis McAlpine dbmcalpine at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 2 13:39:32 EDT 2016

In case you have missed the horde of AN400 stations on the air, there are 14
of them and they have made over 550,000 QSOs in just a few weeks.  Not only
has their activity level been great, their support is quite impressive.  On
the website at www.cervantes.ure.es <http://www.cervantes.ure.es/>  is a
wide variety of software supporting the Cervantes event.  This includes a
real-time listing of which stations are currently on the air by band, mode
and call; a ranking of total QSOs made by each person which is updated
several times per day; a listing of which awards (there are three of them)
have been achieved and the ability to download them; a constantly updated
database of QSOs made by each person and; a statistical database of the
entire operation.  Note that you do not have to submit a log to have your
totals and standings updated - it is done automatically when the AN400
stations download their logs.  If you haven't checked this out already, do
so before the event ends on Oct. 9th.  The effort is certainly worth
emulating.  Congrats to all involved in this celebration of the anniversary
of the death of Miguel de Cervantes 400 years ago.

73, Dennis, K2SX

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