[CQ-Contest] RDXC Entry Reclassified to High Power

Bob Henderson bob.5b4agn at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 00:59:25 EDT 2016

My thanks to all who have responded both here and by direct mail, I
appreciate your support.  If I have failed to acknowledge anyone directly,
please accept my apologies but a number of other matters are demanding my
attention just now.  Nonetheless the saga continues……

Last night I had a conversation via Skype text with RA3AUU.  He was keen to
clarify his position as speaker on behalf of the RDXC committee,
specifically stating that he is NOT a judge.

I challenged him once again over the committee’s decision to reclassify my
RDXC entry to HP.  He told me, “There were discussions among committee
members with various reports which (are) kept closed for now.”  He also
said, “The decision is taken and won't be changed.”

I put it to him that such a position can imply only one of two things:

1)      The committee is confident in the data underlying the decision - In
which case why hesitate to make the data available for scrutiny?

2)      The committee feels all powerful, without need to be just or fair
as it is accountable to no one.

I asked which of these applies or if there might be a third possibility I
had not considered.  With no response for 10 minutes I asked if it would
help if I reword my question.  With no response after a further 13 minutes
I sent a further message saying, I seek only fair treatment.

After a further half hour RA3AUU reappeared to apologise he had been called
away.  He told me he understood all I had said, then vowed to try again but
could not promise anything.  This I understand to mean; He will call upon
the committee to make their evidence available to scrutiny but he has no
power to compel them.

Before closing I explained that if the committee want to be considered fair
they must show themselves to be fair.  That we are all human and can all
make mistakes.  I suggested if they reveal their data someone may be able
to help them understand the nature of theirs.

A glimmer of hope perhaps but hardly reason for celebration.

Bob, 5B4AGN

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