[CQ-Contest] OCDX CW contest is on this weekend

Brian Miller bdm556 at bigpond.com
Tue Oct 4 09:27:27 EDT 2016

Dear contesters

We are hoping for better conditions for the CW section of the Oceania DX contest (OCDX contest) between 08:00z on the 8th October and 08:00z on the 9th.  

Auroras during the OCDX phone contest last weekend meant high absorption and very weak DX signals over polar paths.  According to the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center, the A-index remains elevated today, with a predicted 50% probability of aurora at the South pole: Despite the challenges, there was plenty of activity.  We have already received over 320 phone logs and more arriving every day.  The deadline for both phone and CW logs is the end of October.

Graeme ZL1T told us “I've nominated myself for a boredom cup.  Condx were as bad as I've heard in over 50 years. In fact I was wondering if my rig was suffering from disconnectivitis with nothing at all on 10M.  The 10M band opened to the US the day after the contest – that’s Graeme's law!  However there are always some positives:

1. Time to watch the All Blacks and Black Caps.
2. Grandpa naps whenever I wanted.
3. No loss of voice or sore throat, the auto CQ did all the talking (saving on Strepsils).
4. Could have a fry-up.
5. Had 2 VK QSOs on 160M using my 80M antenna.
6. Chats with a couple of old friends in JA and K.
7. Time to go for a walk.

It's contesting but not as we know it Jim.”   Thanks Graeme.  If it’s any consolation, conditions are essentially the same for everyone so we are all in the same boat!

Hopefully the A-index will fall for OCDX CW contest at the weekend and the HF bands will dance to Morse code tunes, albeit a bit raspy over the poles.

If you are using contest software or a memory keyer, now is a good time to program the CW memories. Entrants will be calling “CQ OC” or “CQ TEST” some of the time but, as this is a DX contest, they will also be searching-and-pouncing for those rarer Oceania multipliers.  

About the contest: originally known as the VK/ZL Contest, “OCDX” the Oceania DX contest (http://www.OceaniaDXcontest.com) has been running since the 1930s. Participation is strong and growing.  With promotion by the joint Australian and New Zealand contest committee, activity levels have increased both within Oceania and beyond: more than a thousand logs were received last year including over 300 entrants throughout Oceania (3D2, 9M6, DU, KH2, KH6, KH8, NH0, NH2, P29, TX3, V73, V85, VK, YB and ZL).

Gary ZL2iFB is our Oceania DX Contest news contact. You can contact Gary at news at oceaniaDXcontest.com   

73 and see you in the CW pileups

Oceania DX Contest Committee

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