[CQ-Contest] N1MM+ experience requested

Phil VK4BAA/VK4KW philhss at tesco.net
Wed Oct 5 00:22:57 EDT 2016

Hi All!

I’d like to ask a question about everyone’s experience N1MM+ before potentially going to the N1MM+ forum.

VK4KW operated during the Oceania DX contest at the weekend. We used N1MM+. It was faultless during the contest.

I noticed an anomaly pertaining to the ‘Statistics’ facility though. With each change in Operator, we use the ‘Ctrl-O’ facility to ‘log in’ with our callsigns for traceability purposes. One operator is shown within the ‘Statistics’ window as not having operated on 15m, but the ‘Runs’ facility clearly shows him operating and making QSOs on 15m.

Are we doing something wrong or is there a hiccup within the code? Has anyone else experienced this at all?

Thanks and 73,

Phil Smeaton

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