[CQ-Contest] Need Confidence

Ray Day rayday at cox.net
Wed Oct 5 19:23:51 EDT 2016

Hi all,

Still pursuing the idea of having 2 radios feed one hexbeam for our Club's
portable operation, thus saving us the expense and logistics of using a
second hex antenna. Looking to have a triplexer utilizing 20, 17, and 15M.

Thanks to W0MU, KI7Y, VK4TS, K1XX, N6HC, K6LA, W2ID, NM5M, and K6KV (so far)
who have given me their experience (all positive) regarding their actual
performance of the (20-15-10M) triplexer units (with associated filters).
Thank you!

My main concern (that of blowing up a radio) - eliminated. Excellent!

Now on to the next challenge - that of having a unit that'll work with the
20-17-15M combo. With 17M being a WARC band, nobody (as far as I can tell)
in the contesting community has focused on the 20-17-15M configuration..of

I've gone back to the original K6KV article in June 2010 QST and am now
working on the idea replacing the 10M L and C components with ones that'll
do the same job on 17M, such that I'll end up having the 20-17-15M
combination. I'm leaning towards modifying a Dunestar 333 Triplexer as
opposed to starting from scratch (although, blessedly, K6KV's article is
very specific about suggested components).

If anybody has tinkered with this idea and has tips for me, I'm all ears.
Otherwise, I'll keep working on this for our club and I'm sure will end up
with something that works great.

Thanks again to all,


Ray N6HE





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