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Sun Oct 9 14:18:47 EDT 2016

I would like to thank Mike, W0MU, for bringing this up.  Good points and questions.

The FAQ for M/S and M/2 were extensively rewritten and expounded upon in 2012, 
but were only (very) partially incorporated into the RULES and FAQ.

The KEY element back then was to recognize that we are talking about SIGNALS and not
physical radios.  This epiphany was the product of non-native English speaker Tonno, ES5TV.
Sometimes it takes a non-native speaker to get to the heart of possible interpretation issues.
Thanks to Tonno for providing the basis (from transmitted to signal) for rewriting the FAQ (way 
back then).

Here is an excerpt from the 2012 proposed FAQ (specifically, from the M/S category).  This
was "proposed" within the CQWW Contest Committee:

The designation of “0” (runner) or “1” (multiplier) is dynamic.  The designation should not 
necessarily be permanently assigned to an actual, physical radio, although that is possible.  
The signal designation of “0” and “1” is a functional designation.  Rig “A” or “B” (or “C,” etc., 
if more than 2 radios) can be assigned either “0” or “1” according to its function (role) at 
the time of the QSO.  
[end snip]

This concept can be applied to M/2 as well, except in M/2, we do not use RUNNER and MULT terms.
So just substitute "signal 1" for "runner" and "signal 2" for "mult."  CQWW does not care about
how you assign which signal will be designated as "0" or "1" in your submitted log.  Again, a
physical radio assignment is not required, but if you choose to do that, that's fine.  You still
are permitted only two signals at a time.

As an additional note, verification of the ten minute rules for M/S and the number of band 
changes for M/2 is not the job of humans.  This is easy to do with software.  Humans come 
into play when there is apparent rubber-clocking (altering logged times compared to reality 
to "fit" the rules).  In these cases, humans react to identified differences in times between logs.  
Confirmation of suspicions based on submitted logs can be validated (or refuted) based on a 
review of the SDR files.

We will update the RULES and FAQ to reflect these clarifications later this year.

Again, thanks for bringing this up.

de Doug KR2Q

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