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Jorge Diez - CX6VM cx6vm.jorge at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 08:06:50 EDT 2016


Many will remember and will have been pleased to work 4V1TL last January.
Well, unfortunately this could not happen anymore in a short time,
Everything is on the floor. This was made possible by the work of some
people that unconditional invested and donate a lot of money and radio
stuff to help HH people to install the big tower where this operation was


Today we needed the support of radio comunity

If you can help please contact Dale N3BNA at dale.long at prodigy.net


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Subject: [FRC] Haiti needs radio help
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to the FRC family:

I hesitated to  send this message so  please know that this is not a

Obviously we all know that a disaster has struck Haiti (once again).  The
worst-hit part was southern Haiti, which I know well and where we have
multiple projects.  Unfortunately during the disaster all communication was
down in southern Haiti.  Usually amateur radio comes to the rescue.  Not
this time because there were no active hams in southern Haiti.  We still do
not  know the full extent of the damages and loss of  life.  These are
towns and cities and people that I know personally so it is heartbreaking.

Many of the projects and stations that we built on our worktrips have been
destroyed including a 250 foot tower that we repaired by jacking up the
whole tower. (I was active during the ARRL CW contest that year)

This message is not to ask for funds which are much-needed.  But I would
ask you to check your supply to see if you might have some stuff that you
could spare.  Remember that we have to pay transportation on everything
that is shipped.

We need many things but these are  things that might be ham-related.

1. 1/4 inch hardline.  We need a couple very long (1000 ft) and some
shorter pieces. We need lots of hardline
2. We need tower.  We can never replace our old Pirod tower, but we need
250 ft of large tower.  And we need 300 feet of Rohn25
3. We need lots of coax. RG213 or better.  LMR400 is attractive for
shipping  because it is light.  We may just need to buy  some of this
4. We need lots of connectors.  We have one  station that the hurricane
tore the hardline off the tower and there is some kind of flange connector
needed. It is off the air for lack of a connector
5. We are going to  need to replace solar arrays and we need several

This list is only to share the needs that we have.  If not interested you
may delete and thanks for your time


Dale - N3BNA

P.S. I apologize because I  have a one-track mind.  All I can think of is
Haiti and my Haitian friends and our  Haiti projects and the suffering of
the Haitian people.

Posted by: DALE LONG <dale.long at prodigy.net>
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