[CQ-Contest] Current legal band plan for Thailand HS

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Thanks for that info Charly - I am always the last one to find out anything up here in the paddy fields.
Well then, I guess we'll be be QRV on topband for the CQ WW SSB then - at least we won't have to try working split!  HS5SRH came over to try 80 SSB last night and called CQ on 3535 LSB QSX 3790 for 2 hours with no success...And I will be on CW tonight for the Stew...
73 Bob HS0ZIA

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Thailand is in mourning for His Majesty the King HS1A who passed away

​This is the CURRENT correct information about HS/E2.  Operator classes are
beginner (xmit 2m only) and intermediate (xmit below).  See

1.8 to 1.825, unspecified but likely all modes.*
3.5 to 3.540, phone 3.525 to 3.540.
7.0 to 7.2, customary CW only on lower end.
WARC and above, standard IARU band plan.
6 meters, No normal ops;  Occasional special permit.

*There is no specified mode permit nor mode limit for 160m written in
English.  I have heard CW and Phone in the listed segment with no

200 watt limit all HF, all modes.

NEW RULES....The Thailand government office regulating ham radio, NBTC, has
approved and signed into law on July 24, 2014 increases in permitted
frequencies and adds an Advanced Class with a 1KW power limit.  HOWEVER,
regulators put this new law on hold pending "implementation" rules.  Thus,
the new rules do not apply now.  Some other changes have happened, but not
announced in English.  The band listings above apply now!


​GL contesters.  ​73,

Charly, HS0ZCW
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