[CQ-Contest] Log choice, not a review

Charles H k4vud at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 25 06:49:39 EDT 2016

Choosing a logging program, personal ideas..........

I have Log4 OM and want only one change:  make the call sign entry window (capture window) larger and move it to center of screen.

I would like to see the screen shots of the entry window (only) of DX WIN and HRD.

Amazing I could not find a simple screen shot of either programs' ENTRY WINDOW.  That is, the screen where you type in the call sign of the guy you are working.   Help me?

Lots of programs have the FREQUENCY printed giant but the contact's call sign tiny.  Dont know why.

I love N1MM+ compact and large entry window, can put it right in my eye line, and yet not too good for general logging.

Anyone suggest help...... no arguments, pse..... I need LARGE call sign entry for current QSO call sign???

Tnx, Charly

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