[CQ-Contest] Its not the Sunspots folks

Jeff Clarke ku8ejeff at mediacombb.net
Mon Oct 31 18:10:21 EDT 2016

After the terrible conditions in CQWW DX SSB this weekend allowing 
USA-USA QSO's for 1 point looks to be an attractive option. Why is it 
this is allowed for EU stations and VE's working the USA making it 
basically a domestic like contest for them? Plus it's the same for those 
stations in North Africa. (CN/CT islands/EA islands) It at least makes 
the contest fun and interesting for them while the rest of us suffer 
thru bad propagation.  Of course the contesting purists out there will 
veto this idea in a millisecond. :)

The saving grace for me is I will be in PJ4 for CQWW DX CW and look 
forward to having you as a captive audience !

Jeff / KU8E

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