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With the South Carolina QSO Party, we allow in-state multipliers and QSO
points for in-state contacts, but we also are encouraging our in-state
stations to "run" and "run" and "run"... especially on the high bands. We
offer in-state stations DOUBLE QSO points for each out of state contact. In
addition, our 10 bonus stations 'run' 100% of the time on all open
bands.... in 2016 the bonus stations had a total of 2,200 Qs!

95% of the out of state QP guys work "S&P"...the other 5% will "run" if the
bands are open to their target state.

I appreciate it when fixed stations sign '/XXXX" with their county. You
know that they're fixed because you never hear them in a new county... I
heard a TN mobile signing  '/m/xxxx" which was helpful...

Gotta love the QPs!

73s Dave WN4AFP
SCQP Team Leader

On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 1:16 PM, Joe Fischer <w8jpf at fischerhome.org> wrote:

> I can appreciate the frustration by those who wish that QSO Party
> in-staters would spend more time on the higher bands.  In the OHQP I ran
> for a while on 15 in the afternoon and it was like shouting in a large
> empty field.  20 meters was a little better but I got a lot more action -
> and most importantly, multipliers - on 40 and 80.
> We have a chicken and egg situation here.  It is nice to pick up contacts
> on the higher bands during the day but if few people are there, we'll go
> somewhere else.  Out-of-state people tune around the high bands but don't
> hear anything so they do something else.  And I'm not allowed to self-spot,
> either.
> Whatcha gonna do?
> As far as the /xxxx suffix, just because somebody has an 8-call, for
> example, there's a pretty good chance that they don't live in OH, MI or
> WV.  With the suffix I know whether they're in-state or out-of-state.
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> TU es 73 de Joe, W8JPF
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> >> On Mon,8/29/2016 10:05 AM, Ted Bryant wrote:
> >> Come join us and chase the mobiles across the Tennessee hillsides
> throughour 95 counties.  Action should be non-stop.
> >
> > Some observations. As usual, TNQP was bolstered by several mobile
> > operations, some more serious than others. Working a QSO Party from
> > 2,000 miles away is a challenge for the stations on both ends of the
> > path. W4NZ  and K4ZGB had the best mobile signals. N2WN and K1GU were
> > never very loud, but were workable on the higher bands. All had great
> > ears. Interestly, W4NZ and K4ZGB were workable on 40  before fixed
> > stations could be heard well enough to copy; ditto for K4ZGB on 80M! I
> > worked Tom twice on 40M and once on 80M; I made 7 QSOs with Ted on 40M,
> > none on 80M -- his best signal on 80M was mostly fumes. The few times I
> > could copy well enough to get my call and exchange, I couldn't make it
> > through the other callers.
> >
> > Some conclusions.
> >
> > First, I suspect that the lower radiation angle of those mobile antennas
> > helped them with propagation when the bands were just opening.
> >
> > Second, most operators, including the mobiles, abandoned 20M at least
> > two hours before the band died (ZGB abandoned it at least an hour
> > earlier) and at least an hour before I could hear them on 40M. 20M was
> > good to TN to at least 02Z. 40M prop never died, but all the activity
> > moved to 80M.  I missed a dozen or so fixed stations on 40 because they
> > went to 80 before 40 opened to W6. I ran SO2R high power assisted with a
> > P3 looking at both active bands. My 40M antenna was a 2-el wire Yagi at
> > 120 ft, with a Beverage on the 2nd RX. My 80M antenna is a 2-el wire
> > Yagi at 140 ft.
> >
> > SO -- if you want participation from west of the Rockies, you've got to
> > spend time on bands with propagation to this area. I'm guessing that
> > missed Tom in at least 4 counties, and Ted in at least 5. And even when
> > I was able to work these guys on the lower band, the higher band would
> > have provided extra Qs (and mults) for both sides of the QSO.
> >
> > A third observation. I wasn't aware that K1GU was mobile until midway
> > through the contest. We may have missed him in one or more counties for
> > that reason -- I saw spots, but thought he was at home. Jules was
> > signing N2WN/xxxx, but Ned was not, at least early on.
> >
> > And I really wish that fixed stations would NOT sign /xxxx -- that
> > practice should, IMO, be limited to mobile or portable stations that
> > operate from more than one county.
> >
> > Please take this as positive criticism, and thanks to all for a another
> > fun weekend!
> >
> > 73, Jim K9YC
> >
> >
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