[CQ-Contest] SO2R Interstation Interference Issues - Solved

Joe Galicic galicic at comcast.net
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I found the problem. It is noise created by two wall warts in my own house. It only takes 100 miliwatts to get them to re-radiate the second harmonic over AC house wiring with lots of nasty 60 HZ modulation. At 100 mw transmit power the second harmonic signal strength went from 20 over S9 to S3 once I found and unplugged them. I still have slight 60 HZ modulation on the second harmonic so there may be more to be found. Thanks for all of your suggestions and help. -Joe N3HEE 

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I am in the process of building a SO2R station and have a question of interstation interference and bandpass filters. I live on a very small lot and have no room for antenna separation. I only have wire antennas and a vertical for 20 meters. I have a set of bandpass filters for each radio. I still get quite a bit of phase noise hash on adjacent bands even with filters. It doesn't seem that the filters make any difference at all ? The biggest reduction in noise is between the dipole antennas and the vertical. Can I ever expect to get the noise to acceptable levels with antennas so close to each other ? Thanks -Joe N3HEE 
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