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Michael Adams mda at n1en.org
Thu Sep 8 10:46:18 EDT 2016

I won't repeat the points others have raised in response...but I would like to challenge one assumption -- that operators have an advantage over builder+operators.

In the US, a growing number of hams are living in communities where antennas are severely restricted or prohibited.

In general, I'd think that a person who owns/builds their own home station has a distinct advantage over folks who need to go elsewhere (either physically or via remote control).

In radiosport, there is no perfect, "fair" contest.  Once you accept that, quit stressing, and move on, contests are a lot more fun.  Everybody who gets on and makes as many contacts as they can given their circumstances is a winner.
Michael Adams | mda at n1en.org

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There is a clear benefit for the people who only learn how to operate.
They have been free from all other burden and they can concentrate to cover only a fraction of skills of the owner+builder operated stations.

Jukka OH6LI

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