[CQ-Contest] New Category Suggestion

W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Fri Sep 9 10:38:16 EDT 2016

Who was complaining?

Since when did suggesting or discussing become complaining?

There is no harm in discussing other ways to score or compare ourselves 
in contesting is there?  Maybe there is?

Many great ideas and new contests came about by people discussing 
changes to existing contests.


On 9/9/2016 8:05 AM, Andrew Warycka wrote:
> As someone who has worked and raced his own cars, and lost to "hired guns"
> who show up and just strap in to the car someone else poured blood, sweat,
> and tears into, you know what I did?
> I worked my butt off to be a better driver, because I knew I'd never have
> that kind of equipment on my own - or to hope to be noticed by someone who
> DID have that kind of equipment who would put me in their car. I sure
> didn't whine about it.
> Don't like a "hired gun" beating you in your contest of choice after you
> slaved to build a station? Real simple answer:
> Get better at contesting, or stop complaining.
> Full disclosure: I'm a guy who has a very modest home station (for various
> reasons) who gets to play "hired gun" at someone else's nicely built and
> engineered contest station. The awards and scoring records I've racked up
> there as a single-op are as valid as any others. Don't like me beating you?
> GET BETTER. It's a competition, not Romper Room.
> "There is no terrible way to win. There is only winning." --Jean-Pierre
> Sarti, "Grand Prix"
> 73, Andy NY7N
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>> Weell .. You know, the station owners had to acquire land and permissions
>> to build their stations.
>> The just-operators have never had to take the burden and learn skills
>> outside operating.
>> The just-operators can concentrate at operating.
>> The owner-operators have a bunch of skills they have to keep updated plus
>> they need a lot of skills to keep the station fit for contests.
>> I know some just-operators who cannot even think about investing their time
>> into not-operating skills learning or not-operating activities.
>> The gap in burden the station owners take is in cat size letters huge.
>> The contest of a station owner and a just-operator is as huge.
>> The burden the station owner's family accepts is grand .. grand, I tell
>> you.
>> To get acceptance from the family is another ballgame the just-operators do
>> not really comprehend.
>> Some do; to some extent; but most do simply not have a clue what it all
>> takes from the families.
>> The effort levels differ fundamentally.
>> 73,
>> Jukka OH6LI
>> 2016-09-08 17:46 GMT+03:00 Michael Adams <mda at n1en.org>:
>>> I won't repeat the points others have raised in response...but I would
>>> like to challenge one assumption -- that operators have an advantage over
>>> builder+operators.
>>> In the US, a growing number of hams are living in communities where
>>> antennas are severely restricted or prohibited.
>>> In general, I'd think that a person who owns/builds their own home
>> station
>>> has a distinct advantage over folks who need to go elsewhere (either
>>> physically or via remote control).
>>> In radiosport, there is no perfect, "fair" contest.  Once you accept
>> that,
>>> quit stressing, and move on, contests are a lot more fun.  Everybody who
>>> gets on and makes as many contacts as they can given their circumstances
>> is
>>> a winner.
>>> --
>>> Michael Adams | mda at n1en.org
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>>> There is a clear benefit for the people who only learn how to operate.
>>> They have been free from all other burden and they can concentrate to
>>> cover only a fraction of skills of the owner+builder operated stations.
>>> Jukka OH6LI
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