[CQ-Contest] "D1WW"

Bosko Milankov yt7ty at mts.rs
Thu Sep 15 06:38:19 EDT 2016

Hi Kevan

Nobody  must not use prefix without ITU decision like  " Valid " calls. 
All others explanations are excess.

We must fight for legality in our hobby.

Bosko YU3A

On 14.9.2016 20:47, Kevan Nason wrote:
> Bosko wrote:
> Please explane me, and many others in the word, difference between D1
> and Z6 status, taking into consideration ITU regulations, without any
> political explanations.
> Thank you in advance.
> - - - - - - - - - - -
> Well Bosko, here’s my non-political amateur thought. It doesn't address the
> ITU regulations as you asked, but it is applicable to the RBN system and
> contests.
> Having the RBN check something to verify what it thinks is a call truly is
> an actual call is a good thing. So, what does it check? A logical place is
> a listing of “valid” call signs. What is “valid”? Using lists the Contest
> Sponsors specify in their rules seems a very good place to look for valid
> calls. After all, I think it safe to say most people who both use the RBN
> and are contesters only care about spots from stations that will give them
> points. And the RBN was made possible, in whole or part, by several
> contesters so it isn't surprising that was and still is a goal for them.
> Getting a spot for a station that the sponsors will not regard as a
> multiplier is of minimum use to a contester so I am glad they are excluded.
> Also, spotting a station not on a list a contest sponsor thinks of as being
> "valid" calls would not likely help a DXer either.
> The Russian DX, ARRL, CQWW, and WAE rules all specify a multiplier is a
> station found on either the WAE Country List or the DXCC Entity List. (The
> ARRL only says DXCC). I didn't check but would bet many other contests use
> those same lists for determining multipliers.  D1 is not found in either of
> those lists. Z6 is on one of them. If D1 isn't a possible multiplier for
> those big contests it seems reasonable to exclude it from a list of valid
> RBN spots. If it is ever added to one of those lists then it should be a
> RBN spot.
> That isn’t a political statement from me or this community. Nor is it meant
> to be critical of the hams in the disputed regions. I regret they are
> caught in the middle of world politics. It simply reflects the realities of
> people running the skimmers and RBN trying to provide a technical service
> with available resources to a large number of people around the world
> without using up all their free time trying to please everyone – which is
> impossible to do anyway.
> Kevan
> N4XL
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