[CQ-Contest] Work everyone contests

Charles Harpole hs0zcw at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 19:32:38 EDT 2016

In SEA, I am not propagation blessed and when I see yet another contest,
like the ARRLs and now oncoming Oceania, give no points for "working
everyone" my enthusiasm drops.   Any contest outside the big CQ ones that
gives nothing for any contact is just asking for participation to be spotty
(people quitting early) or passed by.

If you just must limit, have a separate category for Working Anyone.  Maybe
it is just me who can tune from 40 to 10 and not hear one ham signal 80% of
any 24hr period, but, but, but.

Imagine, no big guns half kc away!
Charly, HS0ZCW

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