[CQ-Contest] no LOTW hits for long time?

V Sidarau vs_otw at rogers.com
Fri Sep 23 11:10:18 EDT 2016

You did not mention how many QSOs you have actually uploaded. "Big contest
logs" sounds good but precise numbers would be better. Anyway, your
confirmation rate is suspiciously low. Still, blaming LoTW upfront might be
quite excessive at the initial stage. 

If I was you, I'd go to your LoTW page and then proceed to Your Account =>
Your Activity.  You will be able to see whether the logs you attempted to
upload were accepted at all, and also you will clearly see the upload result
including successfully processed QSOs and number of matches these QSOs met
right at uploading. You'll also see if there was any error at uploading. If
there is, say, a 1000 QSOs log and not a single confirmation on the moment
of uploading, most probably, there is something wrong with your log. 
Anyway, any massive absence of confirmations clearly means, there is a
systematic error somewhere. The first idea which comes to mind is a mismatch
between UTC and the computer clock set to local time. If there is more than
30 minutes time difference, there will not be any QSO match in LoTW.  

That's something to start with.

BTW in my personal practice any contest log shows around 40-60% of LoTW
confirmations in international RTTY contests, 70-80% of confirmations in NA
RTTY contests, and 30-50% in international CW/SSB contests (SSB is worse).
Most of confirmations follow within the first week after a contest. That's
very rough figures from the top of my head, just to give you a general idea.




On 09/23/16, Charles Harpole wrote:

I have big contest logs loaded into LOTW and am up to date in reporting
contacts, but I have had no requests for confirmation since March 2016......
and before that one, only one in Feb 2016.

Is HS worked out? Is LOTW losing usage? What is up?

Charly, HS0ZCW
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