[CQ-Contest] CQWW disqualify confirmed before send documents

5B4ALX - Alessandro 5b4alx at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 07:01:46 EST 2017

I pointed out to the committee to have a static IP station in Cyprus and that I could send the documentation February 8th .... 

I had specifically stated that it had entered the three spots and did not have internet access during the contest. .. 

I asked for the IP logs that I have never been sent by dxsummit ...

nothing to do, the committee writes to me today confirmed the disqualification for an IP match with a spot entered on November 1st with my Call as a spotter but again I can not verify if this is true.

from what you have told me the other stations are not the only happen in the trap of using the self-spotting as an excuse to disqualify a station ... I thought that, given the opportunity to send some evidence of my innocence, as the static IP contracted the Committee had anticipated and taken into account the evidence ... but obviously bad faith moves this committee as he moved the previous year when he denied me the test of ip log stating that it was not available.

below my answer, last, I never participate more in the CQ WW SSB or CW, we know, or many other beautiful and managed with fairness contexts that engage in the year. 


"this is what you claim, different from reality as the three spots on the context are not Sent Fromm My station and surely soon be home to Cyprus i Will find That my static IP is not the one you scored! 
besides that anyone can mask your IP with that of others and drop the blame on someone. 
You do not give the possibility to appeal to the stations really, the evidence that there are for you not care, pretend to allow stations to appeal but your verdict, for your reasons, is already written.

if you were serious and in sincere would have waited for the static ip documentation on my contract with the Internet operator, but now as many have understood what it is not. 
I will continue to make public what you did with those who have been the victim of an unfair and superficial handling of the CQ WW, surely will take away from the CQ WW contest of the list to do during the year, so the result would always be the same, you will always find a made-up evidence or presumed to disqualify my station

See You Soon on The reflector"

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