[CQ-Contest] QSO Party Calls

Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Sun Feb 5 20:28:38 EST 2017

Hey Scott, 


Don't feel bad.  I have played in many (mostly USA) QSO parties and have, at
times, had stations in the USA (and VE) call *ME* when I was calling CQ
(insert State abbr here) over and over.


If I (as VE9AA) get called in QSO parties,when I am CQing,  you have less
than no hope of solving it signing K9MA/whatever you can come up with.

(but K9MA/WI is likely your best bet if the QSO party is in 9-land.)


Sorry !


The best thing I have found is to pretty much either be in S&P mode, or use
phone...or just work them as "5NN WI" and move on l;-)


Mike VE9AA "NB"



In the MNQP yesterday, I found I had to sign "K9MA/WI" when calling CQ, so
callers knew I was not in MN. A lot of MN stations the duped me, as I had
omitted the /WI when I called them. So, now there are two versions of my
call in some logs, but I didn't really want to waste time adding the /WI
when calling MN stations. What to do? I tried adding 1.5 spaces before the
/WI, in the hope that other operators would not log that part. I think it
would be best if everyone could agree on some designator for stations
outside the target state, or at least not to log them. Any other



Scott  K9MA



Scott  K9MA




Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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