[CQ-Contest] QSO Party Calls

Jim Preston jpreston1 at cox.net
Mon Feb 6 11:19:55 EST 2017


Why would other stations think you were in MN? Your call doesn't 
indicate that. If you were calling CQ and a non-MN calls you, just put 
him in the log (or not) and move on. Granted, the QSO won't count, but 
that shouldn't be a problem. When you send your state in the exchange, 
the other station should realize you aren't in MN.

I don't know what your CQ was, but if you called CQ MN, or something 
similar, most stations should get the idea.


Jim N6VH

On 2/5/2017 1:38 PM, K9MA wrote:
> In the MNQP yesterday, I found I had to sign "K9MA/WI" when calling CQ,
> so callers knew I was not in MN.  A lot of MN stations the duped me, as
> I had omitted the /WI when I called them.  So, now there are two
> versions of my call in some logs, but I didn't really want to waste time
> adding the /WI when calling MN stations.  What to do?  I tried adding
> 1.5 spaces before the /WI, in the hope that other operators would not
> log that part.  I think it would be best if everyone could agree on some
> designator for stations outside the target state, or at least not to log
> them. Any other suggestions?
> 73,
> Scott  K9MA

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