[CQ-Contest] TTT as an exchange

Larry lknain at nc.rr.com
Sat Feb 18 20:50:52 EST 2017

The rules say

4.2. DX stations send signal report and power (number or abbreviation 
indicating approximate transmitter output power).

But I doubt anyone really checks other than they sent something. People 
have been sending 99 or NN for years. Are they really running 99 watts 
out?  Maybe TTT is supposed to mean 1000. Personally I just put down 
what they sent and don't worry about it. The log checkers will figure 
out what to do. There was an earlier remark in another thread  (may not 
have been in this group) that the checkers can handle the cut numbers in 
the log.

If I sent 100 for low power and then part way through the contest decide 
I will change to high power and turn on the amp I can't very well go 
back and change the log so the 100 has to remain. I would probably 
continue to send 100 but would just make sure I changed my power class 
to high power before submitting the log.

73, Larry W6NWS

On 2/18/2017 2:19 PM, Mike Ritz wrote:
> I worked a guy last night (V43Z) on a couple of bands that was giving out "TTT" as a power level. I'm savy enough to know that this is "000", but do I really log this as "000"? He is running NO power?
> 73;
> Mike
> W7VO
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